Current integrated crypto exchanges

You can use three different crypto exchanges. Each exchanges supports a testnet where you can start with paper trading and also live-trading. Connect your API with our platform and start trading.

Algorithmic trading is the future of the market.
Join the revolution and achieve success as a quantitative trader with our advanced platform.

Every strategy starts with an idea but in the pursuit for successful investments, ideas are not enough.Our approach is based on supporting the best quants. Offering them the opportunities to achieve the optimum from a combination of rigorous fundamental research, advanced quantitative analysis and a proven technology platform.

This ensures the recurring cycle of generating new trading strategies and subsequently their success in the Crypto markets.

Unlock the power of algorithmic trading with our advanced tools for quantitative traders. Maximize your profits and minimize risk.

Live Editor

Develop and design trading strategies with 100+ built-in indicators at any level of complexity with our Python live editor


Unlock the power of backtesting with our cutting-edge algorithmic trading solution. Perfect for quantitative traders looking to optimize their strategies.

Track & Monitor

Keep track and unlock the power of your trading strategies and how they are impacting your portfolio.

Backtesting, Track & Monitor

Trust through transparency

All information about your investments is available to you in real time

Algo trading infrastructure

Reliable infrastructure

None of the trade opportunities are missed and access to multiple exchanges, with millisecond response time.

Quantitative risk management

Controlled risk

Use metrics such as the Sharpe ratio to evaluate the performance of algorithmic strategies and identify those that have a higher risk-adjusted return

Start your journey today!

Track trading performance

All-in-one algorithmic trading platform

At PEMBE, we provide the quants with tools they need to succeed. Creating different strategies with hundreds of indicators for the best possible algorithm trading. Find out how algorithmic trading works.

Analyse results on different strategies was built on speed and performance. Get an advantage over other traders with fast and on-demand testing. All enabled by up to the tick market data.

Paper trading on different exchanges
In-depth analysis and reportings
Backtesting with tons of historical data
Analyse results on different strategies
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