The story behind the technology

Seven out of ten Germans see themselves at a disadvantage compared to rich people when it comes to investing money. The more wealth there is, the better the investment products to choose from.

* RWE Group AG / GfK Marktforschungsinstitut - Wealth Research2020

Simple. But the consequences are BOLD. We want to change this paradigm how wealth is created. We believe in democratizing the process of wealth creation for everyone.

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Founded 2022
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Our Values

We have a few values and want to create more with you together, be a part of our DNA and give us a try to democratize wealth for everyone and everywhere.

100% Equal status

Your time and effort have the same value like everyone else. We don't make any distinction in terms of salaries.

50% Parity rule

At least 50% of the employees are women & diverse. The same for all managers and executives.

We trust in you

No matter, if you are working local or remote, we trust in your working hours. We want to give you the freedom, whenever you are ready.

Working culture

Important part of our culture will derive from ownership, hence we are going to make everybody a small owner of Pembe

Growth with us

We want to invest in your learning as well, no matter if these are books, online resources or any other methods to stay ahead the curve.

Team events

We really enjoy a good online game now and then, but are also highly competitive in manual games. Also, hopefully we'll be able to do more outdoor events this year. We can also party hard :)

What are we doing exactly?

We provide tools for traders which wants to trade based on pre-defined algorithms to benefit from the capital markets, especially for the crypto markets. Algorithmic trading has become a popular type of trading in recent years because it reduces the risk and effort required by traders, and can generate substantial profits.Want more informatin about algorithmic trading?