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Table of Contents

  1. Setting Up Your Streak Account for Backtesting
  2. Creating Your First Backtest
  3. Running the Backtest on Streak
  4. Analyzing Backtest Results
  5. Advanced Backtesting Features
  6. FAQs

Understanding Streak Backtesting

Streak Backtesting: A Comprehensive Overview
Streak is an innovative platform that brings simplicity to backtesting. Traders of all levels can leverage its intuitive design to test their strategies without the need for coding knowledge.

Features and Benefits

  • User-friendly interface: Even beginners can navigate and use the platform efficiently.
  • Historical data analysis: Streak provides a vast array of historical data across various markets.
  • Strategy customization: Traders can create complex strategies with simple "if-then" logic.

FeatureDescriptionNo-code strategyCreate strategies without programming knowledge.Real-time testingTest strategies in real-time market conditions.Detailed analyticsGet in-depth insights into strategy performance.

Setting Up Your Streak Account for Backtesting

Before diving into backtesting, you'll need to set up your Streak account. Follow these steps for a seamless start:

  1. Sign Up/Login: Access Streak through your web browser or download the app.
  2. Choose Subscription: Select a plan that suits your needs based on the number of backtests you plan to run.

Creating Your First Backtest

Step-by-Step Strategy Creation

  • Choose the market: Decide which market you want to backtest your strategy on.
  • Select the asset: Pick the specific stock or asset you're interested in.

StepAction1. Market choiceChoose from equities, commodities, forex, etc.2. Asset selectionPick individual stocks or other assets.

Inputting Strategy Parameters

Craft your strategy by selecting indicators, setting up conditions, and defining risk management rules. Streak makes it easy with dropdown menus and preloaded indicators.

Example Strategy Parameters

  • Condition: Moving Average Crossover
  • Entry Rule: When the 50-day MA crosses above the 200-day MA
  • Exit Rule: When the 50-day MA crosses below the 200-day MA

Running the Backtest on Streak

Once you've set up your strategy, click the 'Run Backtest' button on Streak. Monitor the progress and wait for the results to populate.

Anticipating Execution Time

Strategy ComplexityExpected Execution TimeSimple< 1 minuteComplex1-5 minutes

Costs and Limitations

  • Backtest Limit: Depending upon your subscription plan, you have a daily limit on the number of backtests.
  • Historical Data: Access to historical data might be restricted by your account type.

Analyzing Backtest Results

Understanding Key Metrics

  • Profit & Loss (P&L): The net result of your strategy after the backtest period.
  • Maximum Drawdown: Indicates the maximum loss from the peak to the trough of your investment before a new peak is achieved.

MetricImportanceP&LMeasures profitability of the strategy.DrawdownHelps evaluate risk management effectiveness.

Strategies for Optimization

  • Tweak entry/exit signals: Adjust the conditions for better alignment with market conditions.
  • Risk Management: Modify stop loss and take profit levels to protect your capital.

Advanced Backtesting Features

Streak is equipped with advanced features that cater to experienced traders who wish to delve deeper into strategy analysis.

Multi-Condition Strategies

Implementing strategies with multiple entry and exit conditions to capture various market scenarios enhances the robustness of your backtest.

Portfolio Backtesting

Evaluate how your strategy would perform across a basket of assets to get a more comprehensive view of its effectiveness.

Walk-Forward Analysis

A method to ensure that your strategy is adaptable to changing market conditions by iteratively validating the model.


What is backtesting in trading?
Backtesting in trading involves testing a trading strategy on past market data to determine its potential future performance.

Can you automate strategies with Streak?
Yes, Streak allows you to automate your trading strategies, turning backtest strategies into algorithms that can execute trades in real-time.

More FAQs

  • How accurate is Streak's backtesting?
  • Can I backtest intraday trading strategies on Streak?
  • What are the costs associated with using Streak?
  • Is Streak suitable for beginners in trading?

In conclusion, Streak backtesting is a powerful tool for traders looking to validate their strategies. By offering an easy-to-use platform with advanced features, Streak enables users to improve their trading methods effectively. Remember that no backtesting tool can guarantee future results; always use it as part of a broader risk management strategy.

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