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Step-by-step guide to backtesting strategies using thinkorswim platform

The Comprehensive Guide to Thinkorswim Backtesting

Many investors and traders use backtesting as a method to test their trading strategies on historical data before risking any actual capital. Thinkorswim, a trading platform developed by TD Ameritrade, offers a robust backtesting feature that allows users to evaluate the effectiveness of their strategies. This guide aims to delve into the nuances of Thinkorswim backtesting to help you effectively apply this tool to enhance your trading decisions.

Key Takeaways

  • Understand the importance of backtesting trading strategies using Thinkorswim.
  • Learn how to set up and execute backtesting on the Thinkorswim platform.
  • Explore advanced features and tips for more effective backtesting results.
  • Discover how to analyze backtesting results to improve your strategies.
  • Gain insights into common FAQs about Thinkorswim backtesting.


Backtesting is a key component of developing a successful trading strategy. By simulating how a strategy would have fared against historical market data, traders can gain insights into the strategy's potential performance, without the risk of actual trading losses. Thinkorswim provides a suite of tools for backtesting: from its Strategy Roller, thinkBack, and OnDemand features, to its comprehensive charting and analysis tools.

In this article, we'll provide a thorough overview of how Thinkorswim can be leveraged for backtesting, including how to use its features, interpret results, and optimize strategies to improve future performance.

Getting Started with Backtesting on Thinkorswim

Backtesting requires a solid understanding of Thinkorswim's various tools and features.

Setting Up Your Strategy for Backtesting

To initiate the backtesting process on Thinkorswim, you must first set up your trading strategy:

  • Define your strategy: Clearly articulate the rules governing your trades, including entry, exit, and any conditions for trade management.
  • Input your strategy: Use Thinkorswim's Strategy Roller or thinkScript to program your strategy within the platform.

Execute the Backtesting Process

Executing a backtest involves running your strategy against historical data:

  • Select the timeframe: Choose the historical period over which you want to test your strategy.
  • Run the backtest: Use the thinkBack tool or OnDemand feature to simulate your strategy against the historical data.

Advanced Backtesting Techniques

For more sophisticated strategies, Thinkorswim provides advanced features:

  • Oscillators and Indicators: Utilize Thinkorswim's built-in technical indicators for more complex strategies.
  • thinkScript: For custom strategies, thinkScript allows for scripting specific parameters and criteria.

Analyzing Your Backtesting Results

Post-backtest analysis is crucial to understanding the effectiveness of your strategy:

  • Performance metrics: Review standard performance metrics like net profit, percentage of profitable trades, drawdown, and more.
  • Adjusting the strategy: Use the analysis to fine-tune aspects of your strategy for improved results.

Backtesting Best Practices

A few tips to enhance your backtesting experience:

  • Use high-quality data: Ensure the historical data is accurate and comprehensive.
  • Be realistic: Account for transaction costs, slippage, and realistic order fills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Thinkorswim Backtesting

What time frames can I use for backtesting on Thinkorswim?

You can backtest on a range of time frames, from intraday to multi-year spans, depending on the available historical data.

Can I perform automated backtesting on Thinkorswim?

Yes, Thinkorswim supports automated backtesting through its thinkScript tool, where you can code your strategies.

How do I access thinkScript for backtesting?

thinkScript can be accessed through the Thinkorswim platform's "Studies" section, where you can write or edit scripts.

What should I do if my backtesting results are poor?

Review and adjust your strategy parameters, seek out new indicators, and ensure realistic transaction assumptions in your backtest.

Is backtesting on Thinkorswim free?

Yes, backtesting features are included with a Thinkorswim account, which is available to TD Ameritrade clients.

This Thinkorswim backtesting guide offers both beginners and seasoned traders a roadmap to effectively using Thinkorswim's powerful tools. Remember to interpret backtesting results within the larger context of market conditions and your overall trading plan.

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